Committee Module Resources

Committee Module 2.0 Instructional Guide & Training Webinar

Please review this guide prior to updating your members/officers. This guide provides step by step instructions on accessing the new Committee Module (CM), adding new members and updating members/officer positions to your membership roster. The updated webinar with Near Real Time training,  is below; join Daniel Slattery, Council and Chapter Affairs Specialist, as he provides specialized training on the Committee Module (CM) and the added features included on this real time CM platform. You must log in to use the CM database tool.




Accessing Near Real Time (NRT) Reports

Committee Module Administrators will have access to the most current monthly recruitment list and no contact report. 


Committee Module Login 

Council and Chapter Presidents currently have access to update their membership rosters using the Committee Module (CM). To access the CM, you must log in first.


Common Join Form (Fillable PDF) / Common Join Form (Microsoft Word document)

Chapter recruiting just got easier with MOAA’s Common Join Form which incorporates the enrollment requirements for MOAA membership and chapter membership. This form allows chapters to recruit prospects as both chapter members and National MOAA members at the same time. We’ve included detailed instructions on how to add your chapter’s name and logo on a Fillable PDF or Word Document. To access the instructions for both of these formats please access these links: (1) Fillable PDF Instructions and (2) Microsoft Word Instructions. As an alternative to this form, you can send over the information for new chapter members, who have consented to a Basic Membership with National MOAA, to