Council and Chapter Recruiting and Membership

Meeting the membership challenge by helping chapters recruiting more chapter members is a top priority for MOAA. Chapter recruiting focuses on chapter membership vice national membership. Below, chapter leaders can find resources to assist their drive for new members, as well as materials to serve current members.


Committee Module



Common Join Form 



Reporting of Chapter Member Gains

  • To register new Basic members, chapters should email completed Common Join Forms (see above) or an Excel spreadsheet to with the full information of new chapter members who have consented to Basic Memberships with MOAA (Get full details in this PDF guide). Retain record of consent locally. 



Online Chapter Membership Dues (Join and Renewal)



2020 Chapter Recruiting Program Guide

  • Chapter Recruiting is MOAA's new nationally sponsored chapter recruiting program. More tools and better information to chapters will help recruit chapter members more effectively. Get the guide at this link.



Chapter Recruitment Tracker

  • Check out how your chapter is doing with recruiting new members (as of Dec. 31, 2020). This tracker will be updated weekly.




  • Click here to access the form used to notify MOAA National of a member's death.