Council and Chapter Administration



Below, chapter leaders will find a series of links that will take you to a variety of forms provided by MOAA National. Some forms may require your MOAA login information to access. Tip: If Use your browser's "find" feature (Control-F for many desktops/laptops) to locate the form you're after.


If you have any questions, please contact Council and Chapter Affairs at or call 800-234-6622 and ask to speak with a Chapter Affairs Specialist. More resources can be found via MOAA's new Council and Chapters homepage.


Council Presidents Mileage Supplement Policy

Electronic Funds Transfer

  • In an effort to speed up the distribution of incentive money earned through the Chapter Recruiting program, National MOAA requests maximum participation by council and chapters with the electronic funds transfer (EFT) program.  

Generating Income

  • Not sure how to create non-dues income? Here are some ideas and guidance.
  • MOAA Insurance/Mercer: Would you like to earn $100 for your chapter by including an advertisement in your newsletter for MOAA Insurance Plans? Enroll now through May 31, 2020, by sending an email to with "Council/Chapter Ad Request" in the subject line. Include your contact information and attach a completed W-9 form for your Council or Chapter in your email request.
  • MOAA Vacations: MOAA Councils and Chapters looking to an event through MOAA Vacations can call 800-211-5107 or send an email to

Incorporation and Tax Exemption

  • Webinar: Maj. Gen. Joseph G. Lynch, USAF (Ret), General Counsel, MOAA, offers specialized training for those wishing to learn more about the procedures for obtaining exemption recognition, annual filing requirements and other pertinent information regarding the tax status for your affiliate organization.  



Liability Insurance

  • This plan provides extensive coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury and property damage at Chapter or Club-sponsored activities. If your Club or Chapter typically rents space when it needs to gather for a meeting or special event, you may have discovered the owner of the property requires "special event" insurance. This coverage is typically very expensive to buy or doesn't fully protect you. That's why we have developed this plan exclusively for MOAA Chapters!
  • Click for a plan overview.
  • Check out some sample rates.
  • Find additional details.

Chapter, Satellite, and Virtual Operational Matrix



Installation Ceremonies 

Self-Evaluation Checklist



Trip Reports



Travel Claim

  • Check back soon for policy guidance and forms.



Visit Request

  • Check back soon for policy guidance and forms.



ZIP Code Initiative

  • Help national MOAA update its chapter ZIP Code list. This will help ensure you receive an accurate list of potential members (i.e., recruits) who live in your chapter's jurisdiction.