Faces of Donors

The MOAA Scholarship Fund is proud to announce its new, web-based donor recognition project. Many of our Designated Scholarship benefactors and Legacy Circle members are recognized through pictures and biographical sketches. This living legacy library will preserve the memory of those who served our country and believed in the value of education.



The American Legion - Tampa American Patriot Designated Grant
Kenneth and “Honeybear” Ayers


Mrs. Elfriede E. Ball
Lt Col Walter L. Baxter, USAF-Ret.
COL Donovan M Beadle, USA-Ret. & Mrs. Verlice E. Beadle
Mrs. Angela Rallo Bellini
Rett and Michele Benedict
CAPT Arthur J. Benline, USNR & Mrs. Peggy Cornell Benline
Maj Robert W. Benzie, USAF-Ret. & MAJ Gladys A. Benzie, NC, USA
CWO4 Roy S. (Swede) Boreen, USN-Ret.
CDR Guy R. Bostain, USN & Mrs. Marietta M. Bostain
CWO Philip C. Brassine, USN & Mrs. Ethel M. Brassine
LCDR Arthur Briggs, USN-Ret.
LTC John C. Buchanan, USAR-Ret.
Mrs. Colleen S. Buskirk



Maj Gen John B. Cary, USAF-Ret.
Mrs. Carol Jean Case
LCDR Ralph D. Catoe, USN-Ret & Mrs. Matilda Borraccini Cator
Capt William J. Cavanaugh, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Kathleen A. Cavanaugh
CDR Cora Chandler, USN-Ret.
Maj Roscoe O. Clark, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Billye R. Clark
Col Guy M. Cloud, USMC-Ret.
SPC Sean Russel Cutsforth, USA
Col Dan Crozier, USA-Ret.



CAPT Walter E. (Bud) DeLong, USNR-Ret.
Col Steve dePyssler, USAF-Ret.
Lt Col Raymond J. DeThorne, USA-Ret. & Mrs. Joan DeThorne
COL & Mrs. Joe M. Dietzel, USA-Ret.

LTC Joe M. Dietzel, Jr. & Mrs. Rosalie H. Dietzel 
Mrs. Dorothy Dingfelder
Ken and Margaret Dowell



Mrs. Anita Eakin
Col Jack Emerson, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Geraldine Emerson



COL William H. Fairchild, USA-Ret.
Mrs. Evelyn C. Fickessen
Foreign Area Officer Association
CAPT James Anthony Freyer, USN-Ret.



CWO4 Joseph J. Gasko, USA-Ret.
LCDR Lorin P. Garlinger, USN-Ret. & Mrs. Dorothy Garlinger
Arthur Frederick (Fred) Gleim Jr.
CAPT Walter Goldenrath, USN-Ret. & Mrs. Sylvia Goldenrath
RADM Russell W. Gorman, USNR-Ret.

CDR Eldon L. Guhl, USN & Mrs. Bertha Guhl



Mrs. Ruth Vivian Haas
Spencer Hall & Lt Col Spencer Hall, Jr., USAF-Ret.
COL Richard R. Hallock, USA-Ret.
LTC Alan Harcus, USA-Ret.
Maj. Walter Rutland (Bucky) Harris, USMC-Ret.
Col John D. Hedges, USAF-Ret. & 1st Lt Barbara R. Hedges, USAF
COL Arville L. Hickerson, USA-Ret. & Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Hickerson
CDR Arthur R. Horsch, USN (Ret) & Mrs. Lorraine (Laurie) A. Horsch
LTC James Huffman and Mrs. Dagmar (Gleim) Huffman



Col Paul M. Jacobs, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Frances Lyons Jacobs
LT Kylan A. Jones-Huffman, USN



MG William H. Kasten, USA-Ret. & Mrs. Ethel B. Kasten
COL Winchester Kelso, Jr., USA-Ret. & LTC Mary A. Kelso, USA-Ret.



COL Vincent A. Lane, USA-Ret.
COL L. Marguerite Lines, USA-Ret.



CWO Thurston L. McCrary, USN-Ret. & Mrs. Carmelita J. McCrary
CAPT Fitzhugh McMaster, USN & Mrs. Marjorie F.W. McMaster
Col James Chris Miller, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Shirley Miller
Lt Col & Mrs. John Miller, USAF-Ret.
Lt Col Hubert H. Monahan, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Katherine E. Monahan
Mrs. E. Susan Moore
BG Glenn E. Muggelberg, USA-Ret.
CAPT and Mrs. Frank M. Murphy, USN-Ret.



LTC John S. Neary, USA-Ret. & Mrs. Helen Cates Neary
CPT Alvah (Nick) Lewis Nickerson, USA
CW3 Smith S. Niehaus, USA-Ret.



Patrol Squadron Two Association
Ramona M. (Harcus) Pease



BG John Paul Ratay, USA
Lt Col Ellis T. Rayburn, AUS
Col Earl Theodore Reichert, USAF-Ret.
Col Walter R. (Ray) Renfro, USAF-Ret. & Mrs. Betty W. Renfro
MAJ & Mrs. Clarence L. Richardson, Jr., USA-Ret.
Lt. Col. Leonard W. “Bill” Riley III, USAF (Ret)
BG William M. Rodgers, USA-Ret. COL Joseph C. Rodriguez, USA-Ret.
Mrs. Katherine S. Roth
RADM Richard I. Rybacki, USCG



Master Sgt. Miles C. Schaeffer, USAF (Ret)
Lt. Col. Rebecca L. Schmidt, USAF (Ret)
Mrs. Gladys Welch Simpson
William Snyder
1LT Marian I. Spruill, AUS
CAPT (Dr.) George O. Stead, USN (Ret.) and Mrs. Ruth (Nipper) E. Stead
TC Ellsworth F. Stein, USA-Ret.
Col David D. Stoddard, USAF-Ret.



Col Edwin Taylor, USAF-Ret. & Maj Edith Taylor, USAF-Ret.
COL Beatrice E. Thompson, USA-Ret.
2LT & Mrs. Albert D. Trager, USA
Capt Joseph F. Trtek, USAF (Ret.)

Col Michael Tymchak, USA-Ret.



USS Northhampton



Lt Col & Mrs. Neil W. Wallace, USAF-Ret.
Mrs. Leosia Shirley Wentink
Maj Stuart D. White, USAF-Ret.
COL & Mrs. Donald Bruce Williams, USA-Ret.
COL Minter Lowther Wilson, Jr., USA-Ret.
Col William "Wally" Fripp Fison Wollenberg, USA, Ret. & Doris Ruth Stocking Wollenberg
CDR Robert C. Wood, USN-Ret.