Join MOAA's Lawyer Listing Service

Attorneys who are members of MOAA and who agree to give other MOAA members a 25 percent discount off their regular and customary charges can join MOAA's FREE Lawyer Listing Service. Attorneys who are spouses of MOAA members, who are also willing to offer the 25 percent discount, may have their information included on the FREE Lawyer Listing Service provided their spouse maintains membership in MOAA.

Participating lawyers agree on the following items:

1. Maintain a regular place of business in which to conduct the practice of law.

2. Provide his/her usual legal service to MOAA members as requested by them.

3. Grant MOAA members a 25 percent discount from the regular and customary rates for such services.

4. Maintain appropriate records of fees charged MOAA members and of the type of service provided, and on request, make these available to MOAA for inspection.

5. Furnish reports to MOAA on member participation in their practice, upon MOAA request.

6. Provide general information for MOAA's use in responding to members' inquiries about the type of practice conducted by the attorney, hourly rates and fees charged for standard services, types of clients, and education and legal and professional activities.

7. Attorneys that are members of MOAA must maintain an active Premium or Life membership in MOAA. Attorneys that are spouses of members must ensure that the member maintains active Premium or Life membership in MOAA.

8. At all times during the term of the Agreement, Attorney shall maintain in full force and effect a policy of legal malpractice insurance having policy limits of not less than $100,000.00 per occurrence and not less than $300,000.00 in aggregate. Attorney shall make available to MOAA copies of certificates of insurance evidencing such coverage.

If you would like to participate in this program please send an e-mail to Include your full name, rank, business name, mailing address, phone number, and member number if you have it. An informational packet will be mailed to you. If you have questions, please call the MOAA Member Service Center at 1(800) 234-6622.