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Army and Navy Club of Washington, D.C.

The Army and Navy Club is the most prestigious military officers' club in the United States. It was founded on December 28, 1885, and is located at the corner of 17th Street and I Street N.W. on Washington's Farragut Square. The Club has an historic main dining room, an informal Eagle Grill, the Daiquiri Lounge, 32 hotel guest rooms, a ballroom, meeting rooms, athletic facility, and houses a library with one of the largest private collections of military literature in the world. Membership in the Club entitles members to the use of the Club's facilities in Washington, but also extends guest privileges to over 200 of the most prestigious private clubs in existence in the United States and the world.


Learn more about the prestigious Army and Navy Club of Washington, DC.


All LIFE Members can take advantage of a pilot program that grants a waiver of initiation fees at The Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C. Learn more about the prestigious club.


Get the details about this new member benefit for MOAA's LIFE Members.


What does the MOAA Life Membership Pilot Program involve?

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The Army and Navy Club will waive 100% of the Club's initiation fee for MOAA LIFE Members who join the Army and Navy Club on or after June 1, 2011. This is a new pilot program that saves MOAA LIFE Members up to $600.00.

2018 Initiation Fees for the Army & Navy Club, which are waived for MOAA Life Members, range from $100 to $600.


Why do currently serving, retired, and former military officers join The Army and Navy Club?

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Army and Navy Club members cite many reasons for joining, but they tend to revolve around a couple of main themes. Many are drawn to the Club because, unlike other military clubs today, it is exclusively for officers (currently serving, retired, and former officers), with a very small number of highly distinguished associate members who are admitted to membership because of significant accomplishments in business or government.

  • Resident members use the club for hosting business associates, family, and friends at lunch and dinner; personal and business social events, including weddings, formal dinners, and private parties; and use of the Club's library, business center, and athletic facilities.
  • Non-resident members enjoy full use of the Club's facilities when visiting Washington D.C. including the use of our 32 fully equipped hotel rooms priced below the prevailing metropolitan Washington hotel rates. The Club's location at Farragut Square is within two blocks of the White House and convenient to government buildings, and connected by the nearby Washington METRO system to the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.
  • All members enjoy access to the Club's network of exclusive reciprocal private clubs located in major metropolitan areas throughout the world whenever they are away from Washington D.C.

The Club offers its members and their guests a quiet, elegant, and historic venue in the heart of Washington D.C. to enjoy the company and camaraderie of other Club Members, the outstanding cuisine prepared by one of Washington's top chefs, and the Club's library and extensive art collection.


What are reciprocal clubs?

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More than 200 Clubs from around the United States and the world have reciprocal agreements extending guest privileges to members of The Army and Navy Club. These clubs include the Royal Air Force Club in London, the New York Athletic Club in New York City, the Marines' Memorial Club in San Francisco, The University Club of Chicago, The Cercle National des Armees of Paris, and many others. The reciprocal clubs are located in major metropolitan centers throughout the world and many have overnight hotel accommodations for use by our members. Members of these clubs are also invited to use our facilities when in Washington D.C. Here is a list of reciprocal clubs (PDF).


What are the qualifications of membership?

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To be admitted as a Regular Member of The Army and Navy Club, a person must be serving or have served as a commissioned officer in one of the Uniformed Services of the United States (i.e., Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or Public Health Service). Applications may be obtained from The Army and Navy Club Membership Office by calling 202-628-8400 or sending an email to membership@armynavyclub.org.


What are the monthly dues?

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A resident member (one who lives or works within 30 miles of the Club) pays monthly dues based upon their military duty status and age:

  1. prior service officers over age 30 pay $137.00 per month;
  2. officers on active duty under age 30 pay $34.00 per month;
  3. officers on active duty over age 30 pay $54.00 per month.

There is also a $100.00 quarterly minimum on food and beverages for resident members.

A nonresident member (one who does not live or work within 30 miles of the Club) pays reduced monthly dues also based on their military duty status and age:

  1. prior service (including retired) and active duty commissioned officers under age 30 pay $34.00 per month;
  2. prior service and active duty officers over age 30 pay $48.00per month.

*If a member is within 5 years of their original commissioning date, they are eligible for the Newly Commissioned Officer rate of $28.00 per month in dues.


What is the application process?

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An individual submits a completed application to the Club's Membership Office either by mail to 901 17th Street, N.W., Washington D.C. 20006, or by FAX to 202-785-2481. The application must be endorsed by two current club members; however, if an applicant cannot obtain the two endorsements, the Chair of the Club's Membership Committee will make arrangements for endorsements following a brief telephonic interview with the prospective member. A check or credit card authorization for the first dues installment must be submitted with the application. Applications are acted on each month by the Club's Board of Governors and the prospective member is promptly notified. The applicant is charged for the first month's dues only when approved for membership.


I am already a MOAA LIFE Member and would like to join The Army and Navy Club. What do I need to do?

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The Army and Navy Club will waive the initiation fee for existing MOAA LIFE Members as well as new MOAA LIFE Members. Complete and submit an application for The Army and Navy Club. To obtain an application contact the Membership Office of the Army and Navy Club at 202-628-8400 or njewell@armynavyclub.org. Be sure to include your MOAA LIFE Member Number. You may find your membership number on your Life Membership card. (You may also contact the MOAA Member Service Center at 800-234-6622 or msc@moaa.org.) Obtain the endorsement of two Club members, if possible, but you can also submit the application without the endorsements and the Membership Department will follow up to obtain the necessary endorsements for you. Submit your application with the applicable first dues payment to the address shown above. The Club's Board of Governors will act on your application and you will be notified within 30 days. 


How are The Army and Navy Club members billed for charges at the Club?

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All charges incurred at the Club are posted to the member's Army and Navy Club account. Members are required to pay all dues and charges in full when billed each month. Many members prefer to have their Club dues and monthly charges billed to a credit card and the Club's Membership Department can make these arrangements for our members.


What are the rules and regulations governing The Army and Navy Club?

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The membership of the Club has adopted a set of By Laws that govern all aspects of the operation and management of the club. Under the By Laws, a fourteen member Board of Governors, elected by the Club's regular members, is responsible for the overall business management and affairs of the Club. The Board of Governors also approves House Rules governing the dress code and conduct of members at the Club. Copies of the governing documents may be obtained from the Club's Membership Department.


How can I obtain additional information?

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For more detailed information about The Army and Navy Club and its membership application process, and to obtain a membership application phone at 202-628-8400 or by email at membership@armynavyclub.org. The Army and Navy Club was featured in the May 2010 issue and the September 2018 issue of Military Officer Magazine which can be accessed online.

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