Below, you'll find everything you need to take part in MOAA's 2020 Summer Storm. Please share this page ( and its contents with others interested in joining the effort to preserve access to high-quality medical care for military beneficiaries.



Contact Your Senators

  • TAKE ACTION: Send a message NOW.

  • ENGAGE LOCALLY: Find contact information for your representative and senators on MOAA's Take Action page by typing your ZIP code into the field under "Find your elected officials" (on the right column for desktop users). While you are on the official’s page, scroll down to get the address for their closest office – call them and schedule your visit.

  • MAKE THE CALL: Phone calls from constituents are  more memorable for staffers than emails, ensuring that an issue stays closer to the top of their mind when talking to their boss. Here's a suggested message for your lawmaker (call them via MOAA’s toll-free Capitol Switchboard: 1-866-272-6622): 

    “My name is_____________ and I live in ________.  I stand with the Military Officers Association of America and urge you to support Sections 715 and 716 in the House-passed defense bill regarding DoD’s military treatment facility restructuring and DoD medical billet reductions.  

    I need Congress to understand my concerns about DoD’s ability to successfully transition beneficiaries to the civilian network – and that these concerns have been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. DoD has repeatedly assured stakeholders all reductions to military medical capacity will be conditions-based, but a pause is not sufficient — we need the reductions halted. The provisions in the NDAA address my concerns – please do all you can to ensure the defense bill is passed with House Sections 715 and 716.

    Thank you.


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