On the Job Hunt? 7 Resources to Help You Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

On the Job Hunt? 7 Resources to Help You Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair
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Some of the nation’s top veteran-friendly employers are waiting for you. But will you be ready for them? 


MOAA and FASTPORT, a software company that helps veterans find their post-service career path, will host a free Military and Veteran Virtual Career Fair on June 15 at 1 p.m. Eastern. You can register, learn more about the event, and get a list of some of the participating employers at this link 


But don’t let registration be the extent of your prep work. Here are a few handy links to get yourself ready: 


1. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts. Get the basics from Capt. Pat Williams, USN (Ret), MOAA’s program director for engagement and transition services. This includes how to prep your at-home tech for the event, how to choose the companies you’ll pursue, and other advice. 

2. Watch MOAA’s Career Fair Webinar ... Williams also hosted a 2020 webinar with more detailed advice, including how to refresh your application materials and social media presence before the event. The webinar is exclusive to MOAA Premium and Life members; you must be logged in to access the link. 

3. … And Check Out Other Webinar Resources. MOAA’s Webinar Archive includes dozens of video resources on a host of transition topics that will help for your next job fair, to include networking tips, negotiation tactics, and many more. Note: Most of these offerings are exclusive to Premium and Life Members. 

4. Do Your Research. Most job fairs offer a list of participating companies. Do some legwork in advance, and remember to look beyond the bottom line.

5. Lift Up Your LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile will be the first stop for many prospective employers. MOAA’s LinkedIn resources can help you shine in cyberspace.


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6. Be an Expert on You. Consider preparing a professional biography as a handy self-reference guide. Need help with an elevator pitch? Check out this recently released tip sheet from Indeed, which powers MOAA’s Job Board. 


7. Dress for Success. Look the part in front of prospective employers with some veteran-specific advice from fashion icons Tim Gunn and Stacy London. 

Register now for the June 15 event, and keep an eye on MOAA’s event listing for future career fairs, webinars, and more. 


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