The Do’s and Don’ts of Working a Virtual Career Fair

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working a Virtual Career Fair
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As you seek to meet potential employers, attending a MOAA virtual career fair affords you the unique opportunity to converse directly with recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. 


There are customary behaviors you must exhibit when engaging with representatives if you want to optimize your career fair experience. Here are a few virtual career fair strategies to employ ... and some to avoid.


Before the Event

  • DO prepare yourself to present your professional brand. DON’T forget to dress for success.
  • DO explore the virtual platform in advance. DON’T wait to join the platform the day of the event.
  • DO select your preferred device and practice using the technology in advance. DON’T switch from device to device on the day of the event or wait until minutes before “showtime” to do a run-through.
  • DO create your account in advance. DON’T forget to establish your profile.
  • DO register for the event and upload your résumé in advance. DON’T wait until the day of.


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Choosing Companies

  • DO arrive early to explore employer booths in the lobby. DON’T be late (you’ll face lines).
  • DO research each company. DON’T jump in the most popular line at the start of the event.
  • DO prioritize chats with employers. DON’T ignore smaller, less well-known companies.
  • DO explore each position of interest. DON’T rule out potential positions or companies.


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Making Connections

  • DO enter a booth and make yourself available to chat. DON’T get distracted as you await your turn.
  • DO prepare your elevator speech and paste it into the chat window. DON’T be too casual in your chat response, or forget to lead with your elevator pitch.
  • DO paste key skills and accomplishments into the chat. DON’T forget to have your questions prepared.
  • DO eliminate distractions. DON’T forget about the “time-left” countdown timer.


General Advice

  • DO continue to network throughout the event. DON’T just ask basic questions found via Google searches.
  • DO update your LinkedIn profile. DON’T expect to be hired at the career fair.
  • DO be sure to exchange contact information. DON’T forget to bring along patience for technology issues.


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About the Author

Capt. Pat L. Williams, USN (Ret), PhD, PHR®
Capt. Pat L. Williams, USN (Ret), PhD, PHR®

Williams serves as MOAA's Program Director, Engagement and Transition Services. She served 35 years in the Navy in multiple high visibility leadership positions. She is a Certified Professional in Human Resources.