VA Care Improvements to Debut On June 6

VA Care Improvements to Debut On June 6
VA Secretary Robert Wilkie speaks to veterans on a visit to Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo Courtesy of Veterans Affairs)
The long anticipated program mandated in the MISSION Act is about to debut in VA medical facilities around the country starting June 6.

After the launch of the new VA Community Care Program, or VCCP, veterans can expect:
  • “To continue to have access to community care under current programs and then transition to the new program when regulations are final and published.
  • To follow an improved process to receive community care under the new program, with better access to community providers and improvements to customer service, such as more streamlined eligibility requirements.
  • A new benefit that provides eligible Veterans with access to urgent, non-emergency care for non-life-threatening conditions in VA’s network of community providers
  • Improved care coordination as VA transitions to a single information technology system that better links together VA and community providers.
  • Your provider to receive timely payments for bills as VA transitions to better claims processing systems.”
That’s the official word from VA. You can read more here. Simply put, once the VCCP is fully rolled out, veterans can expect to have access to urgent care; see eligibility for community care expanded; be able to schedule their own or have VA schedule their community care appointments; and experience improved communications.

On May 6, VA headquarters provided MOAA and a few other veterans groups some training on VCCP so we can start sharing information with veterans.

First and foremost, veterans, including myself who have been using VA regularly must be prepared for a few bumps during implementation. Though VA is expecting most of the health system changes will be seamless, and veterans can expect little to no disruption in care, it is important to remember the MISSION Act is one of the most transformative reforms in recent history and to not expect problems is unrealistic.

That said, the following infographics generally illustrate how VA expects the VCCP to operate and how veterans will engage with the program:

VA Community Care Program Details.pdf

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Cmdr. René Campos, USN (Ret)
Cmdr. René Campos, USN (Ret)

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