Surviving Spouse Corner: Protect and Save Your Vital Information

Surviving Spouse Corner: Protect and Save Your Vital Information
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When is it ever the right time to get your important documents and information in order? Most of us think about it after someone we care for has had an incident and/or has passed away. Additionally, events such as hurricanes, fires, floods, tornadoes, and even burglary can make the actual paperwork unusable.


But through MOAA partner Everplans, members have access to a platform allowing cloud-based storage of important documents and information. With controlled access to each area, we are able to share details — at a minimum, to begin the discussion about what we prefer for our health care and our final arrangements. 




Personally, I signed up for Everplans Premium, which offers nine categories of information: 

  • Personal Info and IDs: This is where copies of identification — including driver’s license, Social Security card, passport, and military IDs — can go. It also offers a space for vital documents, such as a marriage license.

  • Digital: This is quite an extensive category. It includes password management, devices, travel and transportation, ticketing, email, social media, and shopping, to name a few. Here, you can also add your username or password to any of your accounts, and note whether the account has a fee and is on auto pay. 

  • Home and Property: You can add information about your primary and secondary residences, RV, boat, etc.

  • Financial: This is another extensive area for accountant information, banking accounts, investments, loans, tax returns, and insurance information for both life and disability. This would the best place for VA benefits, as well.

  • Legal: Here, you will find spaces to enter attorney contact information. You can scan and upload your will, power of attorney, health care surrogate, and other advance directives. When away from home, this could be one of the most useful features to be able to easily access the digital version of these documents.

  • Health: Enter information about your primary and specialty doctors, allergies, vaccination records, medication list, medical devices, even a listing of medical conditions.

  • Family and Loved Ones: You are able to list the contact information for important people in your life, and especially important pet information. (For example, I have a credit card on file at my veterinarian’s office in case I am out of town and there is an emergency, so this is a great place to make note of something like that as well as include other vital information.)

  • Aging: One of the wonderful subcategories is “eldercare living preferences” where you can specify whether you are OK in a shared (roommate) space, your care providers, your eldercare finances, and your long-term care insurance details.

  • After I’m Gone: You can write a letter to a loved one, state your preferences for final arrangements (cremation versus burial, for example), provide notes for your obituary, and save family recipes, family photos, and more. There is even a tab to discuss the genealogy of your family.


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It is never too late to start sharing important information with trusted loved ones. All MOAA members can save on Everplans Premium, with discounts based on membership level and beginning at 30% off the annual fee for Basic members. Visit to find out more. 


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