4 Reasons to Keep Networking, Even When You’re Not in ‘Job Search Mode’

4 Reasons to Keep Networking, Even When You’re Not in ‘Job Search Mode’
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If you are comfortable in your current role at work and don’t think you need to network, think again.


No matter your job status, you should continually nurture your network – it’s the best path to success, whether you stay in your job or seek new opportunities.


Here are four reasons why it is important and wise to keep up with, and expand, your professional contacts:


1. Hone Your Industry Edge. Networking forums often are tied to an industry or educational topic. Attending these events will help you gain new insights and perspectives, and stay current with your industry, organization or function. You can expand both your knowledge and resources, then share this information with others – enhancing your professional brand as someone who is “in the know.”


2. Encounter New Connections and Opportunities. Professionals who are comfortable in the workplace tend to skip networking forums, but this is a big mistake. Both internal and external networking venues offer serendipitous encounters with people and opportunities you would not have otherwise known about. So don’t miss out!


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3. Find Support. Another great reason to network either internally or externally from your organization is to build a support network. This might come in the form of a “sponsor” or “advocate” within your organization, or a mentor who can provide an objective perspective to challenging business and or career decisions you may face in coming months or years.


4. Life Happens. Finally, the only two things anyone can be sure of are death and taxes. You might think you have tremendous job security … then one day, out of the blue, you have a visit from HR informing you that you no longer have a job for whatever reason, even one that’s no fault of your own. It has happened to the most talented professionals – hopefully it won’t happen to you, but if it does, be prepared by continually nurturing your relationships and growing your network.


Want more networking resources? Keep an eye on MOAA’s event page for upcoming networking opportunities and webinars, check out our Networking and Social Media Resources page, and join our Career and Networking Group on LinkedIn.


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Cmdr. Erin Cardinal, USN (Ret), ACC, CPC
Cmdr. Erin Cardinal, USN (Ret), ACC, CPC

Cardinal is MOAA's Program Director, Transition Services & Family Programs. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and has extensive experience in coaching servicemembers through their transition from active duty to the civilian sector.