New VA Campaign Highlights End-of-Life Benefit Offerings

New VA Campaign Highlights End-of-Life Benefit Offerings
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End-of-life conversations are never easy, particularly when time and resources are limited. They often take place during an overwhelming, traumatic period as we come to terms with the impending loss of someone we love.


To help veterans and their families learn more about the benefits available to them during these trying times, the VA has launched an End-of-Life Campaign covering all manner of programs and resources. While no one is ever fully prepared for the death of a loved one, the VA wants to increase awareness among veterans and family member so they can plan ahead of time.


[FACT SHEET: VA’s End-of-Life Benefits (PDF)]


At a time when the PACT Act brings millions more veterans into the VA, it becomes more important for veterans, families, and survivors to know how to access and engage the department on the benefits they’ve earned. The campaign is a joint effort between the Veterans Benefits Administration, the Veterans Health Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration to communicate this important information widely across the VA.


Veterans have earned their benefits, and so have their survivors. That’s why the VA wants them to know about these benefits in advance, to make end-of-life planning easier and to provide more peace of mind to their families.


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Getting this information into the right hands is especially important because not all veterans are receiving benefits and health care via the VA. In some cases, planning for or knowing about these benefits well in advance of needing the benefit is essential so veterans and their survivors do not lose out on the benefits and assistance they need. Life insurance, end-of-life wishes, dependency benefits, and memorial and burial benefits are some examples.


VA offers a wide range of benefits and information to help you and your loved one plan ahead:



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