How to Go Local With Your Job Search

How to Go Local With Your Job Search
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While MOAA’s Job Board and similar platforms can point applicants toward career opportunities across the globe, not every job-seeker wants to cast a wide net.


Transitioning servicemembers, veterans, and their spouses may have many reasons to limit their search to a given town, city, or region -- family or caregiver concerns, financial or tax considerations, or any number of other priorities.


If you’re among this group, consider this guidance as you begin your targeted approach:

  • Use State Resources. While transitioning servicemembers may receive VA- or DoD-based materials outlining federal job-assistance options, they may not know some states offer licensure help, preference when applying for government positions, priority access to state-based employment programs, and a host of other benefits. Familiarize yourself with offerings near you.

  • Don’t Assume. Think you can’t work in the federal sector because you don’t live near the nation’s capital? Wrong – 85% of federal jobs are somewhere outside the Beltway. The same goes for defense contractors, many of whom have headquarters near Washington, D.C., but boast satellite offices all over the country.

  • Know Your Remotes. While some businesses have returned, or are planning to return, to an in-office setup similar to pre-COVID conditions, some have codified a hybrid system or moved to remote work entirely. This could open a previously closed position to consideration, either as a remote job or one where a longer commute could be considered if it’s an infrequent one. Be sure to get a full understanding of the policy before signing on – some workplaces may still be in flux, and a possible change in requirements could move the job back to the “no” column.

  • Connect With MOAA’s Network. Many of MOAA’s nearly 400 affiliates have dedicated networking coordinators who can put members in touch with veteran-friendly area employers. 


Regardless of where you’re seeking work, MOAA’s Career and Transition Center includes resources designed to help you find, secure, and prosper in your new position. Want more local flavor? Consider learning more about your nearby MOAA chapter.


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