Are You Ready for a Resume Review? Here’s What to Know (and Do) in Advance

Are You Ready for a Resume Review? Here’s What to Know (and Do) in Advance
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A winning résumé is an important tool to have in your career transition toolkit. It showcases how your skills, talent, and experience are a match to a particular job or industry.


While there is no résumé Bible, there are ways you can articulate your value to prospective employers. Along with a suite of reference materials at available to everyone, MOAA Premium and Life members should consider a résumé review to maximize your application’s effectiveness.


But before you sit down for a review, get the basics in order. Whether your review is in-person, virtual, or via email, the reviewer will have a limited time to tailor your materials to your target audience – any help you can give in advance will streamline the process and improve the final product.


For anyone looking to craft, rewrite, or hone their résumé, consider these tips:

  • Know Your Audience: Ensure your résumé is targeted and tailored to the specific job or industry.
  • Stay Simple and Straightforward: Your résumé should be two pages or less, with 1-inch margins and sufficient white space.
  • Dump the Jargon: Most readers won’t understand a hodgepodge of military acronyms and service-specific lingo.
  • Watch Your Personal Info: Include your name, phone number, email, and customized LinkedIn URL. Only list metropolitan area or city and state – not your personal address.
  • Make It Matter: Describe your specific accomplishments instead of providing a long job description. And keep your work experience recent and relevant -- only go back 10 to 12 years
  • Choose Your Words (and Commas) Carefully: Lead with action verbs (“led,” “streamlined,” “created,” “produced,” “designed”). Remember to proofread, then proofread again, and again.


Want more tips? Visit for answers to specific résumé and application questions. MOAA Premium and Life members can check out the Résumé Development section of MOAA’s Webinar Archive.


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Capt. Pat L. Williams, USN (Ret), PhD, PHR®
Capt. Pat L. Williams, USN (Ret), PhD, PHR®

Williams serves as MOAA's Program Director, Engagement and Transition Services. She served 35 years in the Navy in multiple high visibility leadership positions. She is a Certified Professional in Human Resources.