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Private-Sector Résumé Review

Résumé critiques and MOAA publications are a benefit of PREMIUM and LIFE Membership.


Before submitting your résumé, follow the guidelines found in our "Marketing Yourself for a Second Career" handbook, available below:

  • Order a free copy of Marketing Yourself for a Second Career by calling MOAA's Member Service Center toll-free at (800) 234-6622 Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern, or e-mail; then
  • Tailor your résumé according to our professional recommendations. When completed, e-mail your résumé to for critique. *You must include your membership number and your daytime phone number.


The turn-around time for a résumé critique is 10-14 business days.


Federal Résumé Review

MOAA Life Members: We are delighted to offer a federal résumé review and phone consultation covering various elements of the federal hiring process to include tailored recommendations with your USAJOBS résumé and associated documents, veteran’s preference in federal hiring, negotiating strategies for federal employment and to answer your specific questions regarding the public sector career track.   


If you are interested in taking advantage of this new and exciting program offering please send an email to requesting the MOAA Federal Résumé Services. Please include your MOAA membership number, daytime phone number, most current version of your private sector résumé, and a copy of the federal résumé you would like reviewed.  

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