TRICARE Sets Dates for 2021 Open Season

TRICARE Sets Dates for 2021 Open Season
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TRICARE’s 2021 Open Season will run Nov. 8 through Dec. 13, giving eligible beneficiaries a little more than a month this fall to make changes to their coverage.


Anyone enrolled in, or eligible for, a TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select plan can enroll in a plan or make changes to their coverage during this period. Updates would take effect Jan. 1, 2022. Reenrollment is not required; if you like the plan you’re in, you’ll continue with it as long as you remain eligible.


Coverage changes outside Open Season require a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). You’ll have 90 days after a QLE to make changes; a QLE for any family member allows all family members to change health plans. Get a list of these events and details on how to initiate enrollment changes after a QLE at


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The TRICARE Open Season generally takes place on or near the same dates as the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) Open Season. FEDVIP is a separate program offering coverage to some retirees, reservists, family members, and survivors; learn more about eligibility and program details at


Servicemembers can register for FEDVIP benefits from 31 days prior to their military retirement to 60 days after their retirement, in addition to during Open Season. They may also register after QLEs, but these events may differ from TRICARE QLEs; learn more at this link.



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