The 4 Questions All Interviewers Want Answered by Job Candidates

The 4 Questions All Interviewers Want Answered by Job Candidates
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The interviewing process, from the initial screening to the final interview, may last several weeks, even months. Of the many questions you’ll be asked during this time, there are four very important ones the employer may never actually say aloud, but they are always taking into consideration.

1. Can you do the job? Most questions asked during the interview are structured to answer this. Based upon your research, you provided a targeted résumé that indicates you can. That’s why you are there. The task at hand is to be equally convincing in person. Construct your answers with specific achievements and accomplishments to demonstrate how you can directly support the employer’s needs.


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2. What is your attitude? Once you are invited back for follow-on interviews, the difference between your qualifications and those of your competition is probably minimal. If you are positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic, your chances of landing the position increase dramatically. Remember, if you present yourself as someone who knows it all, has done it all, and is always right, you are more likely to offend than impress. Best advice: Just be yourself.


3. Will you do the job? Let’s face it: Every position you pursue has some interesting and challenging roles and responsibilities which really pique your interest – otherwise, you would not have applied. But most jobs also have aspects that aren’t fun or glamorous, such as administrative functions, time tracking, or database entry. Your employer wants to make sure the successful candidate will embrace, work hard at, and perform in all aspects the position requires. 


4. Do you fit? Chemistry is a crucial, but unstated, factor in the interview process. Do you have the kind of personality that will make it easy for others in the organization to work with you? Do you share the same values as the company? The employer wants someone with whom he or she can be comfortable, who is likable, and who is going to be the right fit with the team.


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Col. Brian D. Anderson, USAF (Ret)
Col. Brian D. Anderson, USAF (Ret)

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