Looking for Answers to Financial Questions?

Looking for Answers to Financial Questions?

Whether you are buying a home, considering investments, starting college planning for your children or grandchildren, contemplating an annuity, or dealing with other life decisions, MOAA's Financial Planning Guide has the answers you need.

Common financial decisions most servicemembers encounter are presented in detail in this guide, with all key considerations spelled out so you can decide what's best for you. Also included is insight into uncommon or “read-between-the-lines” situations people experience in real life. Get your copy today.

Make the most out of your MOAA membership. Experience MOAA's powerful array of resources and member benefits designed to help you through every aspect of life. Making smart financial decisions is not always as clear as we would like it to be.

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MOAA's benefit and financial counselors work with thousands of servicemembers each year. MOAA wants to help make these financial decisions easier for you to understand.

A unique situation might require a conversation. PREMIUM and LIFE Members can speak with MOAA financial experts for further assistance. If you have questions, call (800) 234-MOAA (6622) or email beninfo@moaa.org.

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Col. Brian D. Anderson, USAF (Ret)
Col. Brian D. Anderson, USAF (Ret)

Anderson joined the staff of MOAA's Career Transition Services Department in August 2011. He served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force in a wide range of command and staff assignments. Connect with him on LinkedIn.