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Personal Finance

Financial Planning Guide

Financial Planning Guide Cover ImgWhether you're debating the merits of a career-starter loan or shopping for annuities, MOAA wants to help make these financial decisions easier for you to understand. In this publication, our staff experts discuss numerous situations and, for our PREMIUM and LIFE members, provide further counseling on issues discussed in the guide and additional topics not covered.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Cover ImageMaintaining an estate plan should be a priority for everyone. Use this MOAA resource to develop yours.

The MOAA Investors' Manual

Investors Guide Cover Image

Your future retirement depends on how well you save and invest. Let MOAA experts provide you the guidance you need with this resource.

Personal Affairs Guide: A Personal Inventory for Peace of Mind

Personal Affairs Guide CoverMOAA has created this workbook to assist you early in your military career in gathering all of your family's crucial information in one place to save digitally or print for your records.


Military Benefits

Benefits Planning Guide

Benefits Planning Guide Critical responsibilities regarding your service benefits demand your attention, and MOAA wants to help by making it easier for you. Within this publication, our staff experts discuss numerous situations and, for our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, provide further counseling on issues contained herein or other topics not discussed.

Military Entitlements: Benefits for Guard and Reserve

Military Entitlements CoverDiscover the required qualifications and processes to receive all of the benefits and entitlements you've earned.

Officers' Guide: Navigating Your Way Through a Military Career

Officers Guide CoverUse this quick reference for up-to-date necessary resources to navigate your way through your military career.

Survivor Benefit Plan: Security for Your Survivors

SBP Security for your survivors CoverUse this publication, which includes worksheets, to help you in making your Survivor Benefit Plan decisions.

Concurrent Receipt: Your Guide to CRDP and CRSC

 Concurrent Receipt Cover ImageUse this publication to help you better understand CRDP and CRSC and answer commonly asked questions.

State Report Card

State Report Cover ImageMOAA's 2017 state-by-state assessment evaluates several key indicators of military friendliness in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This year, MOAA has consolidated the annual State Report Card and State Tax Guide.



Marketing Yourself for a Second Career

Marketing Yourself CoverChanging jobs can be stressful and challenging - especially when it's a transition from the military to the private sector.  MOAA's experts have been assisting officers in this transition period for decades and have created this publication to guide you through the various steps and aspects of your transition.  For our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, MOAA's transition staff provide one-on-one counseling, interview practice, resume critiques, and other tools to assist in this process.  

Aging into Medicare and TRICARE for Life

Aging into MedicareTransitioning to new medical coverage when reaching age 65 can seem like a daunting task. MOAA has created a publication and included a checklist to help you prepare for, transition into, and understand TRICARE For Life and Medicare with confidence and ease. For our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, benefits counseling with MOAA staff experts will assist in troubleshooting questions specific to your situation.

Guard/Reserve Retirement Checklist

Guard Reserve CoverThis simple-to-use checklist highlights steps to prepare for retirement and the necessities for the applications process for retired pay. 

Transition Guide


MOAA's Transition Guide offers advice about post-service education, career strategies, and personal matters like household finances and health care options.


Survivor Issues

Help Your Survivors Now: A Guide to Planning Ahead

Help Your Survivors NowThis guide can help you prepare, make decisions, and ease the financial, medical, and property transition for your family after you're gone. For our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, benefits and financial counseling with MOAA staff experts can assist you through this process. Sign up for LIFE membership today and your spouse will maintain a LIFE membership with access to all benefits upon your death.

Survivor's Checklist: First Steps for Moving On

Survivor Checklist CoverKeep this essential checklist on hand to refer to when dealing with a death in the family.

Your Guide to Military Burials

Burial Guide CoverUse this resource for planning and decision-making regarding military burials and rights and to create a plan for the future.  

Survivor's Planning Guide

Survivors Planning Guide Cover ImageFollowing the death of a loved one, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what arrangements need to be made, who needs to be contacted, and notes on important phone calls. Designed by surviving spouses, this handbook is intended to help you do just that.  

Turning the Corner

Turning the CornerLosing a loved one is never easy, and each person's experience is different. This publication is meant to help you recognize and understand some of the aspects of the grieving process and help guide you through this difficult time.



Council and Chapter Policies and Procedures Guide

Chapter and CouncilNational MOAA has compiled a guide of best practices for its more than 400 chapters. This guide provides detailed information and suggestions regarding the formation, organization, and management of MOAA state councils and local chapters. This is the primary reference for council and chapter leaders on all matters pertaining to MOAA's chapter system.


Council and Chapter Leaders Workbook

LeadersWorkbookThis workbook was created to share information, resource tools, and best practices to enable council and chapter leaders to grow and sustain strong chapters.


Spouse and Family

Family Matters: A Personal Inventory for Peace of Mind

Family Matters CoverReadiness is as important for active duty families as it is for our military, which is why MOAA has created a publication to help your family organize crucial military, benefits, financial, and family information.  Our electronic version allows you to update your records easily as your family changes and moves throughout your military career.  For our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, benefits and financial counseling with MOAA staff experts will complement the process of completing this workbook.  (Digital Version Only)

Military Spouse Employment Guide

Keeping a Career on the MoveKeeping in mind the unique challenges of being a military spouse, this career guide provides information and resources for your career pursuit.

Former Spouse Benefits

Former Spouse CoverCovering topics from retired pay to tax reporting, this valuable resource assists you when discussing benefits and the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act with legal counsel and domestic law specialists.  (Digital Version Only)

Military Family Legislative Action Guide

Legis Action Guide CoverThis guide gives you all the information you need to have your voice heard by Congress.  (Digital Version Only)

Remarriage Guide

Remarriage Guide CoverThe information and checklists included in this guide will help you understand which benefits you are entitled to as a surviving spouse and what changes you can expect after you remarry.  (Digital Version Only)