5 Reasons You Should Register, in Advance, to Attend MOAA’s Annual Networking Forum

5 Reasons You Should Register, in Advance, to Attend MOAA’s Annual Networking Forum
Servicemembers and military spouses past and present mingled with industry experts and others at the 2018 MOAA Military and Veteran Networking Forum at the National Air and Space Museum. (Jennifer Milbrett for MOAA)

Even the most dedicated planners among us rarely set their calendars three months in advance. But there’s a reason to make an exception for Sept. 19: Block it off now so you can attend MOAA’s 2019 Military and Veteran Networking Forum at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

Why make plans so far out? Here are just a few reasons.

1. Set your benchmarks. Have you been putting off assembling a résumé? Is your LinkedIn profile gathering dust? Do you have an idea for a business but haven’t made the time to research the next step? A circled date on the calendar provides motivation for these and other career-related tasks; make plans to attend, and to come prepared.

(Need help preparing? MOAA has its members covered.)

2. Escape the screen. From job boards to online applications to video interviews, much of the hiring process has moved online in recent years. However, most of the hiring itself hasn’t: Figures vary, but some put the number of jobs filled by networking as high as 85%. Another 70% or so of jobs aren’t even listed online - especially for more senior positions. Don’t let your search chain you to a computer; MOAA’s forum offers much-needed real-life interaction with other job seekers and professional resources.

3. Not just a job. Maybe you’re settling into a new position, or you’ve got some interviews lined up with a few places and expecting to close the deal this summer. While MOAA’s networking forum can help servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses find their next career, it can also help those new to their positions find professional resources to excel. Whether it’s advice from experts during a panel or a keynote address, or just a casual conversation with others in your field, the event is tailored for professionals at all stages of their career.

4. But about that job … There’s a wide gap between lining up interviews and landing a position that’s right for you. The time it’ll take you to find a job varies widely by skill set, experience, and countless other factors, but one thing appears constant – the search tends to last longer that the searchers expect. If you’ve been looking and not finding, MOAA’s forum puts dozens of companies under one roof alongside career experts and fellow networkers who can assist you in your search.

5. And about that roof … How many other career events take place alongside aviation history? If the recent moon-landing milestone hasn’t piqued your interest in all things Air and Space, you’re not paying attention. (Also, refreshments will be served. These do not include astronaut ice cream.)

Learn more about the forum, and register to attend, here.

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