Take Advantage of MOAA Financial Services

Take Advantage of MOAA Financial Services

What makes MOAA's financial services different from other financial firms? We aren't a financial service firm for one. We don't sell financial products or provide personalized advice or financial plans. Then what good are we?

Because we don’t stand to gain or lose from your financial choices, we can explain how things really work — the pros and the cons to every product and what other options exist to achieve your objectives. We can provide you reliable, unbiased, insightful, comprehensive knowledge for you to make the best financial decisions.

We are financial counselors who are here to help educate you so you understand the products, services, benefits, consumer options, and strategies involved in your financial life. We’ve been in the financial business. We know how things work in financial firms. As a certified financial planner, I function as your consumer advocate; an inside-man on financial issues. MOAA membership gets you a financial planner as your personal consultant on retainer for the cost of MOAA Premium or Life membership. (Read more about MOAA membership options.)

It's about you getting the upper hand. We serve for your benefit. We are here to provide you intelligence you can't find anywhere else but MOAA. We are your trusted source information for financial products, services, benefits, and consumer assistance.

In addition, check out our full suite of financial calculators with dynamic graphics, customizable reports, and explanations of key terms and concepts.