Calculating Your Paycheck

Calculating Your Paycheck

Salary vs. take home pay. This is a key consideration for any job seeker. In fact, here are a few handy calculators to assist you with this process:


Net pay (“take home pay”) Calculator


Enter salary, Federal, State and local information to see your approximate take home salary.


Hourly Paycheck Calculator


This calculator is perfect for those that will be paid on an hourly basis. Enter your hourly rate along with Federal, State and local information.


W4 Assistant – Withholding Calculator


Not sure how to fill out that W-4 (Tax Withholdings) Form? There is a calculator for that! It will walk you through each step to determine the correct withholdings for Federal, and in some cases state, taxes.


401k Calculator


How will contribution to a 401K plan impact your paycheck? Use this calculator to find out.


Don’t forget to check out MOAA’s financial calculators which provide dynamic graphics, customizable reports, and explanations of key terms and concepts. We hope you will find these financial tools useful!