November 2022 Council and Chapter News

November 2022 Council and Chapter News

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2023 Community Outreach Grant Cycle Begins Dec. 1

Next month, The MOAA Foundation will start accepting applications for its 2023 Community Outreach Grants. Grants of up to $5,000 are offered to MOAA councils or chapters providing services to local military and veteran families — either directly or through partnerships with other community organizations — in one of 10 areas of critical military and veteran family need: housing, food assistance, employment, health (including behavioral health), family strength, community reintegration, financial assistance, legal assistance, transportation, and emergency relief. The application website and grant criteria can be found here


Giving Tuesday and MOAA Charities

You can support MOAA Charities on Giving Tuesday by making a donation Nov. 29 to the MOAA Scholarship Fund and The MOAA Foundation. Visit or call (800) 232-MOAA (6622).


Surviving Spouse Corner: Finding a New Normal

Grief is never easy, but finding a new purpose can help you navigate through the pain.


By Barbara Smith, Surviving Spouse Advisory Council member


It’s been a long time since I became a surviving spouse, and during that time, I’ve gone through many stages. None were easy, but all were necessary. No journey out of grief is straight forward. We all handle it differently, and it’s how we deal with it that makes a difference.


We must choose to be positive and live or be unhappy the rest of our lives. I chose to be positive, but I also realized that I needed to find a purpose.


When my husband died at the age of 57, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I became aware that my path forward was to do what I could to make sure no other survivor felt as alone and unprepared as I was. To that end, I joined my local MOAA chapter, took on the job as their surviving spouse liaison, was appointed to the national MOAA’s Surviving Spouse Advisory Council, and became active in the Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter.


I also found not only a mentor but a dear friend because of a chance meeting in 2015. Patricia “Pat” Farnsworth shared her vast knowledge of surviving spouse issues, her wisdom, and her wonderful sense of humor. She encouraged me to do the best I believed I could be — and then pushed for more. Pat died on Oct. 14 at age 86. She was an inspiration to many and a friend to all.


We will never forget our loved ones. We will always miss them. But I have found peace and comfort in my new normal. I hope you find the same.


Read past Surviving Spouse Corners.


Did You Know?

Chapter ZIP Code Initiative: The Near Real Time (NRT) report, which shows chapters the names of potential new members, cannot produce accurate recruiting reports without your help. That’s why we need our council and chapter leaders to help us keep an accurate list of ZIP codes in their chapter’s jurisdiction. To continue growing the NRT reports, and to keep the information as accurate as possible, chapter leaders are encouraged to work with their state council leaders to provide national MOAA with your chapter’s ZIP code boundaries.


Upcoming Events

Monthly Chapter Leader Virtual Roundtable: Join us Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. Eastern for a discussion on retention. Join here at the time of the meeting.


Find a complete list of Council and Chapter Affairs events online.


From the Field

MOAA chapters give back to their communities through fundraising efforts, community-service projects, scholarship programs, and other initiatives. Here are some recent activities. 


Members of the Fort Campbell (Ky.) Chapter attended the Welcome Home Veterans Celebration Valor Luncheon in September. The event included a welcome from Montgomery County Mayor Wes Golden and a keynote speech from Capt. David Christian, USA (Ret), who talked about his military and professional experience and reminded everyone about the importance of Suicide Prevention Month. Two members of the chapter — CW4 Monroe Gildersleeve, USA (Ret), and Maj. Richard Noggle, USA (Ret) — also were honored at the event as Quilt of Valor Recipients.


The Alta (Calif.) Chapter hosted cadets and leaders from Yuba City High School’s Navy Junior ROTC (JROTC) program and the Civil Air Patrol at the chapter’s annual barbecue in September. During the event, the chapter presented $500 donations to the groups. In October, the chapter also presented a donation to Lindhurst High School’s Air Force JROTC program during the chapter’s luncheon meeting.


Members of the Southwest Virginia Chapter are participating in Carilion-Virginia Tech Medical School multiple mini interviews (MMIs). Chapter members Capt. Gary Powers, USN (Ret); Col. Thomas Dalzell, USMC (Ret); Lt. Col. Steven Jamison, USA (Ret); Lt. Col. Robert Habermann, USA (Ret); and Lt. Col. Dan Karnes, USAR (Ret), are volunteering to assist in the application process of selecting applicants for the medical school, achieving the goal of having true community involvement in the admission decisions. The MMI is designed to assess communication skills, specifically verbal and nonverbal skills, that revolve around a specific scenario.


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National MOAA Travel Schedule

Here are the councils and chapters MOAA leaders will be visiting over the next few months.


Contact the associated chapter if you would like to attend any of the following scheduled visits:

  • Nov. 2, Sun City Center (Fla.) Chapter, Sun City, Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), Council and Chapter Affairs (CCA)
  • Nov. 3, Cape Canaveral (Fla.) Chapter, Cape Canaveral, Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), Council and Chapter Affairs
  • Nov. 3-4, Arizona Council of Chapters Convention (Ariz.), Surprise, Lt. Gen. Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret), MOAA president and CEO
  • Nov. 4-5, California Council of Chapters, Port Hueneme, Col. Dan Merry, vice president of Government Relations, and Capt. Frank J. Michael, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Nov. 5, South Central Florida Chapter (Fla.), Sebring, Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Nov. 5, Catalina Mountains Chapter (Ariz.), Saddlebrook, Lt. Gen. Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret), MOAA president and CEO
  • Nov. 8, Tarheel Central (N.C.) Chapter, Clemmons, speaker TBD
  • Nov. 10, Michigan Council of Chapters (Mich.), East Lansing, Capt. Frank J. Michael, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Nov. 15, Heart of Illinois Chapter (Ill.), Peoria, Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Nov. 15, MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates Virtual Chapter, virtual, Lt. Gen. Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret), MOAA president and CEO
  • Nov. 16, Star Spangled Banner (Md.) Chapter, Lutherville, Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Nov. 17, Monterey County (Calif.) Chapter, Seaside, Virginia “Gail” Joyce, board of directors (BoD)
  • Nov. 17, Solano County (Calif.) Chapter, Fairfield, Nov. 17, Capt. Frank J. Michael, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Nov. 18-19, Texas Chapter Leader Workshop (Tex.), Dallas, Capt. Jim Carman, USN (Ret), Council/Chapter and Member Support and Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), CCA and MOAA staff
  • Nov. 19, Georgia Council of Chapters Convention, Nov. 19, Athens, Rear Adm. Scott D. Deitchman, USPHS (Ret), BoD
  • Dec. 1, Ventura County (Calif.) Chapter, Camarillo, Capt. Erin E. Stone, JAGC, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Dec. 3, Western New York Chapter, Depew, Capt. Kathy Thorp, USN (Ret), BoD
  • Dec. 8, Pikes Peak (Colo.) Chapter, Colorado Springs, Capt. Frank J. Michael, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Dec. 10, Whidbey Island (Wash.) Chapter, Oak Harbor, Capt. Frank J. Michael, USN (Ret), CCA
  • Dec. 11, Fort Campbell (Ky.) Chapter, virtual, Capt. Frank J. Michael, USN (Ret), CCA


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