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 Pick Up Credit Score Secrets. 
High achievers, start your engines: The road to an elite 800-plus credit score is long and arduous. Take advantage of these tips to maintain a high credit score.

A Survivor Revisits Iwo Jima.
Lt. Gen. Lawrence Snowden, USMC (Ret), endured 36 days of intense battle and watched cautiously as the American flags were raised. Snowden’s story is one to which every Marine and military leader can relate.

Use the Right VA Claims Forms.
Since March 24, the VA has required new standard forms for VA claims and appeals. Make sure your paperwork is up-to-date before you file.


Join the Conversation

What books, movies, or other media best represent your military experience?


Read “Bringing Vietnam Home,” then share your thoughts via MOAA Connect (connect.moaa.org). Search for the “Bringing Vietnam Home” discussion.


Always on the Web

Pay Parity
MOAA’s military-to-civilian pay calculator (www.moaa.org/calculators) can help you determine the market value of your benefits.

Caregiver Resource
Caring for wounded veterans is a weighty task. MOAA and its partners provide Tips for Lifelong Caregiving at www.moaa.org/caregiver

Online Protection
Scams, viruses, and fraud all make the rounds on the Internet. Browse safely with resources at www.moaa.org/onlinesecurity