Delaying College for a Good Reason

Through my wife’s military career, we’ve been fortunate to be around British and Australians – fortunate in that it exposed us to new ideas and customs (and terms — we’re never wearing a fanny pack in England).


Dealing with Risk in Money Management

Risk. Isn’t risk the reason so many people fear the stock market? Risk in the stock market is only one of many forms of risk. There are safe, conservative, even guaranteed, forms of savings that have risks.

Transition and Career

5 Ways Technology is Great for Your Career

My kids love playing outside and hanging with their friends but electronics draw them in like insects to a bright light. Even if we limit their usage and access, technology is very much a part of their lives now and will continue


Are Military Career Starter Loans Worth It?

If you are in a military commissioning program and nearing graduation, you’ve probably been offered a “starter loan” by a financial institution. Many students question whether they should take the loan. Generally, nothing is wrong with

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