Survivor's Planning Guide

Following the death of a loved one, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what arrangements need to be made, who needs to be contacted, and notes on important phone calls. Designed by surviving spouses, this handbook is intended to help you do just that.

Remarriage Guide

The information and checklists included in this guide will help you understand which benefits you are entitled to as a surviving spouse and what changes you can expect after you remarry. (Digital Version Only)

Marketing Yourself for a Second Career

Changing jobs can be stressful and challenging - especially when it's a transition from the military to the private sector. MOAA's experts have been assisting officers in this transition period for decades and have created this publication to guide you through the various steps and aspects of your transition. For our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, MOAA's transition staff provide one-on-one counseling, interview practice, resume critiques, and other tools to assist in this process.

Help Your Survivors Now: A Guide to Planning Ahead

This guide can help you prepare, make decisions, and ease the financial, medical, and property transition for your family after you're gone. For our PREMIUM and LIFE Members, benefits and financial counseling with MOAA staff experts can assist you through this process. Sign up for LIFE membership today and your spouse will maintain a LIFE membership with access to all benefits upon your death.

Financial Planning Guide

Whether you're debating the merits of a career-starter loan or shopping for annuities, MOAA wants to help make these financial decisions easier for you to understand. In this publication, our staff experts discuss numerous situations and, for our PREMIUM and LIFE members, provide further counseling on issues discussed in the guide and additional topics not covered.

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