Entrepreneur? This MOAA Partner Can Support Your Business Journey

Entrepreneur? This MOAA Partner Can Support Your Business Journey
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While much of MOAA’s career and transition support targets new job-seekers, many veterans have decided to take the entrepreneurial path to post-service success.


A recent MOAA webinar highlighted some of the assistance available to these veterans via the D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, programs that can help entrepreneurs no matter where their business, or business idea, stands:

On the Drawing Board

Why: Support for veterans and military family members who have an idea for a small business, or are interested in launching one, but aren’t sure where to go next.

What: IVMF offers multiple programs for this cohort, such as:

  • Boots to Business, a no-cost, two-day course covering business basics and resources from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

  • IGNITE, a no-cost, one-day, in-person event describing the entrepreneurial lifestyle and connecting participants with support from fellow veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs.

  • STRIVE, short for Startup Training Resources to Inspire Veteran Entrepreneurship, is offered through partner universities and includes local support in addition to details on national programs. Learn more, and fill out an application, at this link.

The Next Step

Why: Entrepreneurs who’ve reached the startup stage will find new challenges and benefit from new types of support and guidance.


What: IVMF’s no-cost Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) has a bit of everything – a 30-day online course in business fundamentals, a nine-day residency experience at a partner school, and a year’s worth of “ongoing support” to tackle new issues as they arise. Bootcamps for veterans’ families also are available.


IVMF’s V-WISE, short for Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship, also targets those with new business ventures. It includes 15 days of “intensive” online work, a three-day in-person event, and a year’s worth of follow-on support. Cost is $75, which includes lodging and most meals at the event.


Growing Strong

Why: After two or more years at the helm of a small business, most entrepreneurs aren’t ready to settle – but growing a business takes a different set of skills than building one from the ground up.


What: Again, IVMF has multiple options, to include:

  • Veteran EDGE – Engage. Develop. Grow. Elevate. – a three-day conference linking entrepreneurs with government contracting leaders, fellow business owners, and more.

  • EBV Accelerate, a program available to entrepreneurs who’ve owned a business for at least three years and have at least five full-time employees. The offering includes two weeks of online instruction, followed by a three-day residency. Participants pay travel costs, but the rest is free. Learn more here.

IVMF officials discussed other programs during the webinar, which can be accessed here by MOAA  Premium and Life members (login required; a password reset may be necessary if it’s your first time accessing MOAA’s new member database). Or, access the webinar by registering at this link.


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Capt. Pat L. Williams, USN (Ret), PhD, PHR®
Capt. Pat L. Williams, USN (Ret), PhD, PHR®

Williams serves as MOAA's Program Director, Engagement and Transition Services. She served 35 years in the Navy in multiple high visibility leadership positions. She is a Certified Professional in Human Resources.