New MOAA Event Series Offers Resources for Younger Professionals

New MOAA Event Series Offers Resources for Younger Professionals
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With graduation season around the corner, millions of college students are preparing to walk across the stage and step into their first post-college job. And as exciting as this time is, many are anxious as they try to get ready to navigate the workforce.


To help prepare students and new graduates, MOAA is hosting a series of hourlong workshops focusing on every aspect of the job process – from getting into the right mindset to navigating a job offer.


[REGISTER TODAY: MOAA’s Virtual Workshops for Early Career Professionals]


The sessions kick off in early February, but MOAA hosted a Jan. 6 webinar with young career professionals offering their insights. Register at this link to watch the event, and check out three key tips they shared: 


1. Use Your School’s Resources

“Taking advantage of the different resources your college or university has available is really going to make the difference, and it’s important to start doing that now,” said Celine Hamilton, a former MOAA member service representative who now works as a campus recruiter for IT and business consulting firm CGI.


Most campuses have a career center or host job fairs to help you begin to prepare for the workforce. These can be great places to get a little extra professional help, so don’t be shy – stop by.


2. A ‘No’ Now Can Be a ‘Yes’ Later

Nearly everyone faces rejection at some point in their career, but don’t let that discourage you from continuing your job pursuit.


“Jobs are always going to be hiring, so maybe it’s not this (position), but they could circle back next job cycle if you’ve taken that extra step of initiative,” said Nicole Cross, a graphic designer with MOAA.  


So be sure to follow up your interview with a thank you, since you never know when an employer may remember you for another great position.


3. Don’t Worry, You’ll Find Your Way

“I remember feeling a lot of pressure, especially during my senior year of college, because it seemed like everyone knew what they were going to do,” said Libby Michael, MOAA’s digital content specialist. “It seems like it because everyone is talking about it, but that’s not everybody’s case.”


If you feel a little lost, you are not alone. You will find your path to a great job that you studied and worked hard for … and MOAA’s resources can help make that transition work.


Register today for the full slate of hourlong workshops, or share the link with a friend or family member seeking success in the early stages of their professional journey. Get more career resources from MOAA at


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Kimberly Bruce
Kimberly Bruce

Bruce is MOAA's Event and Program Manager, Transition Services. She started at MOAA in December 2019 as a member service representative.