Here’s How Veterans Can Access Their VA Claims Decision Letter Online

Here’s How Veterans Can Access Their VA Claims Decision Letter Online
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An update to allows veterans to access their full disability benefit claim decision letters digitally, skipping the call to a VA representative and the wait for a paper copy to arrive in the mail.


The new service took effect Jan. 17. Nearly 280,000 veterans had downloaded their decision letters as of a Feb. 23 VA press release.


Veterans already were able to access their disability rating and other claims information digitally, but access to the full decision letter provides more information that could be used to appeal VA rulings. To access the letter, veterans must log into their account; full details on the process are available at


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“VA disability benefits can also open the door to other federal and state benefits, so quick and easy access to a decision means quicker access to the additional benefits Veterans deserve,” VA Secretary Denis McDonough said in the press release.


The move also will free up VA call center representatives to address other veterans’ issues, according to the release.


More details on the VA claims process are available from, and at For more on the decision reviews and appeals process, click here.


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