President’s Message: Join Our Legislative Action Center Today

President’s Message: Join Our Legislative Action Center Today
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Members of Congress are on their summer recess, and this is a pivotal time where we can unite and influence positive change for our servicemembers, veterans, families, caregivers and survivors. 


You can help today by visiting our Legislative Action Center at and sending MOAA’s advocacy messages to your lawmakers. 


If you have not signed up, you are not alone. Currently, only 16,000 MOAA members are registered advocates through the Legislative Action Center — less than 5% of our more than 360,000 members. Our voice is strong, but it could — and should — be stronger with everyone’s help, so please make registering a priority. 


[TAKE ACTION: Join MOAA’s Legislative Action Center]


After a quick signup, the Legislative Action Center is a powerful tool enabling you to send pre-written letters to your members of Congress with just a couple button clicks. 


I want to thank the hundreds of MOAA members who've answered our calls in recent weeks to sign up for the Legislative Action Center and play a key part in our advocacy mission. Your grassroots efforts, especially during this critical time as the final National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) takes shape, make a difference. Please continue to visit the site as we update frequently with new legislation and priorities. You can also track bill progress and learn about your legislators and find their contact information.   


The August recess makes for a perfect opportunity to engage with members of Congress on the legislative priorities MOAA members discussed with them during Advocacy in Action Day on Capitol Hill in April. 


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We have launched the Advocacy in Action Summer Campaign while lawmakers prepare to complete the various appropriations bills and the NDAA, due to be signed sometime between September and December. 


We need MOAA’s priorities reflected in that bill — priorities such as restoring the Basic Allowance for Housing to 100%, stopping TRICARE network pharmacy cuts, and funding the government at the end of the fiscal year. 


Imagine if we had at least half our membership supporting our advocacy efforts — just about every topic we champion would be top of mind for legislators across Congress. Please do your part to protect the pay, benefits, and quality of life of the military and veterans’ communities. Thank you so much for supporting our cause. 


MOAA Fights for You

Get involved and make sure your interests are addressed.


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Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, USAF (Ret)
Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, USAF (Ret)

Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, USAF (Ret), is MOAA's president and CEO. He retired from the Air Force in 2022 after more than three decades of service.