Did Your State Expand Veterans Benefits in 2022?

Did Your State Expand Veterans Benefits in 2022?
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While MOAA works to protect and expand your earned benefits at the federal level, many states offer a range of benefits to uniformed servicemembers past and present, and their families and survivors.


And many of those benefits may be changing in the coming year. Consider:

  • States like North Carolina, Indiana, Nebraska, and Arizona have exempted military retirement pay from state income tax in recent months, with the timing of the benefit varying by state. You can stay informed on state tax issues via articles at MOAA.org and by checking our State Report Card and Tax Guide for updates.
  • Veterans and surviving spouses in Texas will see changes to their property tax exemption eligibility, and veterans with businesses in that state will qualify for new tax benefits.
  • A new Tennessee law allows veterans to put their service-based training toward occupational licenses.


Finding Current Information

All states publish materials to inform beneficiaries of programs and program updates – Illinois just updated its veterans benefits guide, for example – but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding out what’s available in your state. However, this guidance should get you started:

  • A 2020 online series from the VA explored state-level benefits and included links for more information from each state. From tax rates to special license plates, it’s a great primer on what’s available; click here for the first entry.
  • All states have veterans information online, but finding a reliable source can be difficult. Consider adding “site:.gov” to your online search to pull up only government-created websites, such as this Georgia e-book or this list of offerings in Connecticut.
  • MOAA works closely with the Defense-State Liaison Office (DSLO) on many bills designed to improve benefits for military members and their families, to include spouse licensure and school enrollment concerns. Learn more about DSLO at this link.


Interested in getting involved in state-level advocacy, or in spreading the word about local benefits to fellow beneficiaries? Consider joining a MOAA chapter today!


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