MOAA Echoes Joint Chiefs’ Call for Accountability, Peaceful Transition

MOAA Echoes Joint Chiefs’ Call for Accountability, Peaceful Transition
Members of the National Guard walk through the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 11. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

By MOAA Staff


Last Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol was irresponsible, lawless, and repugnant, and the continued threat of violence represents an imminent danger to our national security. Our country was built on respect for the rule of law. The actions of the individuals involved are inconsistent with MOAA’s values and the fundamental principles of our nation’s Constitution, which all servicemembers, past and present, have sworn to support and defend.  


Those who disagree with the decisions of the government have existing and lawful processes to seek relief. There is no legitimate reason for any group, no matter how strongly they feel aggrieved, to resort to unlawful mob violence and seek to vindicate their grievances by attacking our federal and state government institutions. 


[READ THE LETTER: Joint Chiefs of Staff Message to the Joint Force]


The attack on the Capitol resulted in the needless and tragic loss of life.  Ongoing threats of violence have caused us once again to call on the members of our National Guard to place themselves at risk to protect our national institutions. We are grateful for the sacrifices of these servicemembers and of the family members who support them. As an association espousing the values of service, leadership, and professionalism, MOAA condemns these actions and calls for holding those involved accountable.  We ask all members of the military and veteran community to join us in committing to a peaceful transition of government on Jan. 20.