Saudi Arabia Duty Now Comes With Extra Pay

Saudi Arabia Duty Now Comes With Extra Pay
A Marine posts security during a tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel exercise April 23 on Karan Island, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Sgt. Kyle Talbot/Marine Corps)

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Troops serving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can now get $225 in extra pay each month thanks to a new change to the Pentagon’s Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) list.


The change is effective backdated to Sept. 14, 2019, and back pay is authorized.


IDP is authorized for duty performed in an area designated as hazardous by the Defense Department. Imminent Danger Pay is $225 monthly and can be prorated to $7.50 for each day in a designated location. You do not have to serve the entire month in that location to receive the payment.


Unlike some pays, IDP is taxable.


Limitations on Imminent Danger Pay

Consistent with servicewide regulations spelled out in the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations, some military members stationed in Saudi Arabia will have their Hardship Duty Pay-Location (HDP-L) reduced when they begin receiving IDP. According to the regulation, the total monthly payment a military member may receive in combined IDP and HDP-L is $325. That means the HDP-L payment will be reduced from $150 to $100.


To receive HDP-L, you must be stationed in a designated area for at least 30 days.


More Details on Hardship Duty Pay.


Contact your financial office for more details.


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