Problems Accessing MTF Medical Care? Tell Us Your Story

Problems Accessing MTF Medical Care? Tell Us Your Story
Airmen assigned to the 436th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron screen a clinic patron at the main gate on Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, in March. (Photo by Roland Balik/Air Force)

It is one of MOAA’s top priorities to ensure military beneficiaries continue to receive access to medical care during the pandemic. And with access to installations rapidly evolving, we need your help to ensure your medical needs are being met at your military treatment facility (MTF).


Early feedback shows beneficiaries are taking non-emergency appointment cancellations or postponements in stride. But if you encounter a barrier to accessing essential, time-sensitive care at your MTF, please click here to share your story or report your problem to our Member Service Center. Installation and MTF commanders are taking actions as prescribed by Health Protection Condition (HPCON) risk levels and health officials’ guidance. These access restrictions are temporary. They will be assessed daily and adapted as the situation changes.


Please note, although these changes to installation and pharmacy access may temporarily prevent retirees and others from using installation facilities, they are not intended to be a benefit cut. Access restrictions are one of many unprecedented – and temporary – steps DoD and civilian communities are taking to slow the spread of COVID-19. Consult the TRICARE website for the latest coronavirus information.


As of March 31, all elective surgeries and procedures at MTFs are postponed for 60 days. Many other appointments have been converted to telehealth. This is aligned with an Executive Order to apply critical medical resources where they are most needed and reduce COVID-19 exposure risk to DoD medical staff and beneficiaries.


According to the most recent DoD fact sheet, non-elective procedures, particularly acute and urgent care, will continue. MTFs will continue to provide some routine appointments and exams such as checkups, specialty consultations, and prenatal visits at this time. However, individual MTFs may further limit availability based on changing response demands.


We know some MTF pharmacies are restricting access to protect the force and other essential personnel. MOAA is fighting to ensure military beneficiaries maintain access to zero out-of-pocket cost medications by calling on Congress to waive TRICARE mail order pharmacy copays during this pandemic.


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Karen Ruedisueli
Karen Ruedisueli

Ruedisueli is MOAA’s Director of Government Relations for Health Affairs and also serves as co-chair of The Military Coalition’s (TMC) Health Care Committee. She spent six years with the National Military Family Association, advocating for families of the uniformed services with a focus on health care and military caregivers.