5 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

5 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair
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Updated March 22, 2024


Virtual job fairs, both from MOAA and other outlets, may offer career opportunities for servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses. And if you’re taking part, you’ll want to be ready to grab those opportunities.


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Here are five quick tips for all fair-goers, courtesy of our MOAA career and transition experts. MOAA Premium and Life members can reach out to these experts for personalized guidance; click here to learn more about what’s available, and here to join.


1. A fresh coat of cyber-paint. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is current and cleaned up; click here for some advice from MOAA on how to maximize that real estate. If your application materials include a personal website, be sure that’s also ready for inspection. Don’t forget your social media accounts, either: Prospective employers will do their due diligence.


2. Do some digging, but be open. Research the companies you want to speak with, and be ready to emphasize skill sets the employer is seeking and show how you’d fit in with their operational culture. Find a company you’re not familiar with? Don’t rule anything out: Take the opportunity to engage the employer and ask broad questions before you decide whether to pursue further.


3. Know all about you. Practice your introduction. Prepare bullet points that highlight your skills and, when possible, tailor those points to your targeted companies. If you can deliver your personal background as concise and effectively as possible, you’ve opened up more time for asking your own questions and developing a connection with recruiters.


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4. LOL, OMG … no. Keep the online chats professional – if you’re a frequent texter or emoji-master, it could be more of a chore than you think. Avoid acronyms of all sorts, whether it’s social-media lingo or military jargon.


5. Show your appreciation. Follow up with thank-yous for all of your new contacts – it’s Networking 101, but it still goes a long way. Plan on specific follow-up interactions with companies of great interest. Always inquire about the next steps in the process.


This article was originally published in February 2020.


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