WATCH: A Visit With the Army's Elite eSports Team

WATCH: A Visit With the Army's Elite eSports Team
Spectators challenge representatives from the Army eSports Team on June 28 during the Salt Lake Gaming Con, where the service debuted its new gaming trailer. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Ryan Meaux/Army)

Just like members of other units, the soldiers that make up the Army’s eSports Team spend hours training to perfect their skills and prepare for battle – even if it is in an alternate universe.


For the past year, the team has competed in tournaments across the nation, drawing interest in military service among a sought-after demographic. More than 7,500 soldiers tried out for the inaugural team last year, but only the best 16 players were accepted.


They aren't recruiters since they don't complete the full Army Recruiter Course, but team members serve as liaisons between the public and recruiters. They’re assigned to the Marketing and Engagement Brigade at Fort Knox, Ky.


MOAA spoke with a number of officers and enlisted soldiers connected with the team earlier this year and caught up with members again last month for the below video, with footage taken during the Association of the U.S. Army Exposition in Washington, D.C.:



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