Here’s When You Can Get Your Military, Retiree, or Annuitant Tax Statement

Here’s When You Can Get Your Military, Retiree, or Annuitant Tax Statement
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Retirees and annuitants who receive payments via the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will be able to access tax forms via the myPay online portal later this month, DFAS announced Dec. 5.


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The IRS 1099-R forms for those groups are the first forms scheduled to be posted on the myPay system. The rest will be up by Jan. 31, and all DFAS users who receive their tax forms via regular mail will get them by Jan. 31, according to the news release.


Here are the scheduled myPay release dates for late 2019 and early 2020:

  • Dec. 19: Retiree 1099-R
  • Dec. 21: Annuitant 1099-R
  • Jan. 7: Navy Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) W-2; Army, Navy, Air Force Reserve W-2
  • Jan. 11: Marine Corps Active/Reserve W-2; Army Non-Appropriated Fund Employee W-2
  • Jan. 18: Federal Civilian Employee W-2 (DoD/Non-DoD)
  • Jan. 22: Active Army, Navy, Air Force W-2
  • Jan. 23: Army SLRP W-2
  • Jan. 24: Savings Deposit Program (SDP) 1099-INT
  • Jan. 29: Military/military retiree IRS Form 1095 (health coverage)
  • Jan. 31: Travel/miscellaneous W-2


DFAS users can request a tax statement be mailed to their home address via the DFAS website.


More tax filing information is available here.

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