Last Chance To Take MOAA’s TRICARE Survey

Last Chance To Take MOAA’s TRICARE Survey
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TRICARE beneficiaries can help shape legislation on health care benefits by taking a survey conducted by the Military Officers Association of America.

MOAA will use survey results to determine which issues should be tackled with lawmakers. The survey will close on July 2.

Click here to take our survey now.

Military beneficiaries have expressed concern about unexpected increases in their TRICARE fees over the past six months. The increases are a result of DoD leaders' decision to change the fee schedule from a percent-of-cost model to flat-rate options.

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The changes disregard the intention of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, which prescribed current servicemembers, veterans and families be protected from health care fee increases.

Make your voice heard on these and other important topics by completing our TRICARE survey today.