The Science and Benefits of Mindfulness (With a Former Navy SEAL Commander)

The Science and Benefits of Mindfulness (With a Former Navy SEAL Commander)
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After more than two decades in uniform, including time as a Navy SEAL commander, Cmdr. Jon Macaskill, USN (Ret), has a new mission – to change the stigma of mindfulness and meditation, and to help others achieve their greatest potential.
MOAA is honored to host Jon as he provides a glimpse into his personal journey, recounting how he “accidentally” discovered mindfulness as a remedy to the trauma, depression, stress, and anxiety he experienced during his military service – challenges traditional counseling could not reach.
Now a mindfulness teacher and leadership coach, Jon (a MOAA member and part of the U.S. Naval Academy's Class of 2001) will:

  • Delve into the neuroscience behind mindfulness and explain how consistent meditation can reshape the brain, foster resilience, improve performance and boost creativity.
  • Unravel the scientific mechanisms that underpin these often-misunderstood and underutilized practices by providing simple, actionable steps you can try yourself.
  • Show how mindfulness can improve your physical health, sleep, pain management and performance while reducing stress and anxiety.

This powerful talk provides both inspiration and practical guidance for those seeking better health and well-being. You’ll learn from Jon’s very personal journey from the battlefield to the boardroom to the living room.

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