LinkedIn for Networking

LinkedIn for Networking
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By now, many of us recognize the significance of LinkedIn but may not be exactly sure about how to maximize its value. LinkedIn is extremely beneficial for networking, but it is important to understand how to grow and sustain the relationships to make that possible. 

Interested in mastering your LinkedIn profile? Let MOAA help! Join two MOAA career transition specialists for an hour of insights and information on the use of LinkedIn for networking. We will share LinkedIn best practices as well as answer your questions.   

Regardless of your status — actively looking for a job, making a career transition, or happily ensconced in a position you love — you should always be cultivating and maintaining a strong professional network. What better way than making the most of your LinkedIn profile? Please join us for this LinkedIn-focused webinar!   

Can’t make it? No problem. Register now for the webinar and we’ll send you a link to the recording. 

What’s next? An opportunity to put those newly found LinkedIn networking tools to use! Do not miss the chance to connect with MOAA networkers and resource specialists from across the country who are ready to introduce you to employers and help you find veteran support organizations in the local community. Register for a Virtual Networking Evening with MOAA on Wednesday, July 22, from 7 to 9 p.m. Eastern.  

MOAA’s Virtual Career and Transition Toolkit

This event is one of several being presented by MOAA over the coming weeks as MOAA members and others in the military community seek career and financial guidance through uncharted terrain. Some of the events are listed below; click the links to learn more or to register, and click here to get more details about the series.