2022 MOAA Levels of Excellence Award Application

The Levels of Excellence (LOE) Award is one of MOAA’s most prestigious awards earned by selfnominating councils and chapters. The award is a lookback on 2022 calendar year programs, initiatives and successful experiences shared by council and chapter leaders. Councils and chapters may submit their LOE applications via web-based portal. Only one LOE submission per council or chapter will be accepted.


Please review the criteria carefully as there have been substantial changes to the submission requirements. Important note: Affiliate performance in 2022 prior to the publication date of this updated guidance will not adversely affect scores using the new criteria but may be considered to the advantage of the affiliate.


Important Criteria and Scoring Changes

  • LOE’s will be awarded in three levels: 3 STAR, 4 STAR, and 5 STAR.
  • Subjective criteria will be weighted more heavily than objective criteria:
    • Chapters - Objective maximum = 75 points; Subjective maximum = 150 points
    • Councils - Objective maximum = 50 points; Subjective maximum = 100 points
  • Council presidents are requested to provide a short assessment of member chapters that submit entries, which will also be considered by the judges and added to the subjective score. MOAA National staff will coordinate assessments for chapters that do not belong to a council or do not receive an assessment for any other reason.
  • Reports from past national and council visits, if any, will be reviewed by the judges for possible extra points in the subjective scoring section.