I recently had the opportunity to attend the Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Veterans Affairs hearing on Choice eligibility Feb. 2, 2016, in D.C. I was so proud to hear Chairman Benishek's opening statement which quoted MOAA for the record. As I reflected later that just doesn't happen, the MOAA Government Affairs team makes it happen! MOAA's staff has worked our relationship with the VA stakeholders for years to gain a position of respect.

Col. Barbara J. Ramsey, USA (Ret) - VSO

Upon the death of a close friend [a retired Naval officer], I reached out to MOAA to see if and how they might assist in his widow's time of need. MOAA stepped up promptly and professionally to assist our friend with her survivor issues. They also demonstrated great empathy while helping her through Defense Finance and Accounting Service issues, among other military retired items. She called me and extolled the virtues of the MOAA experience and described the information they provided as being like a "gift from heaven." As a new surviving spouse member of MOAA, she can certainly take advantage of various benefits and services, which will assist her for many years to come. And I am sure she will also serve as an advocate to other surviving spouses as they, too, seek necessary assistance.

CAPT George P. Watt Jr., USN (Ret)

I thank you and your MOAA colleagues for your dedicated and skillful assistance in rallying support among the coalition of military associations and convincing DOD and Congress of the fairness of the legislative amendment to the SBP. Without your help, the proposed SBP amendment would never have been passed into law. I will always be grateful for your efforts. I am very proud to be a member of MOAA.

Terry Marlow, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

I have observed attack after attack from numerous sources upon military personnel. I joined MOAA in 2012; due to your faithful fight on my behalf, I became a MOAA LIFE Member in early 2014. It became absolutely clear to me, and I suspect many, many others, who care to educate themselves, that MOAA is the only organization that promptly, directly, and clearly stood up for military personnel.

Maj Timothy Callahan, USMC (Ret)

I have been a lifetime member of MOAA, but have never taken advantage of your benefits until today. Your Transition Center counselor spent over 90 minutes advising and mentoring me on my resume.She was very honest and educational. At the end of the consult, I felt her desire to see my end product at a later date and to mentor me throughout this ordeal is sincere and very much appreciated by men.

COL David J. Abramowitz, USA (Ret)

I thank you so very much for staying the course and for your tremendous assistance through the process inputting my VA claim. You are an incredible part of the MOAA team. I look forward to our continued association and am proud to be a LIFE Member of MOAA.

Currently serving Major General in the Army National Guard

I have learned that educating state legislators and their staff is a continual job. Working with MOAA has expanded my horizons and, as a result, helped represent veterans in my state.

LTC Robert L. Gray, USAR (Ret)

As a proud LIFE Member of MOAA since 2005 when I was a junior commissioned officer, I always read the magazine cover to cover. There is always tons of interesting, valuable and relevant information.

Currently serving commander in the U.S. Public Health Service

The MOAA Spouse Symposium I recently attended in Tampa, Fla., was exceptionally informative and deeply inspiring. In the face of daunting challenges to military spouse employment, MOAA has created an empowering space to equip spouses not simply with job-searching tips but with career-building tools and real success stories of fellow spouses that we can carry with us wherever the military takes us. I am already putting my newfound skills and confidence to good use, and I am looking forward to the next MOAA event I am able to attend!

Military spouse attendee

MOAA has performed remarkably in defending the importance of the earned benefits of those who serve and have served their nation. MOAA personifies the power of advocacy. It's clear that its voice has been heard-and heard loudly and clearly. By leveraging the promises and commitments that have been made to those who have been faithful to their country, MOAA has held our nation's leaders accountable in living up to those commitments. In the current environment, where benefits seem continually threatened, MOAA has forcefully and powerfully articulated positions on issues. Quite simply, MOAA gets it done.

RADM Thomas Jurkowsky, USN (Ret)

The educational assistance I received from MOAA has allowed me to pursue a focused approach to my education in nursing and Spanish, while reducing the financial pressures of higher education. Thank you for your continued support.

Anne E., Scholarship Fund Recipient

I'm so happy MOAA is taking a “grand stand” on all of the potential cuts to military benefits for active duty retirees. I love the emails that keep me up-to-date on the issues that involve active and retired military members.

Lt. Cmdr. Rachael J. Nikkola, USN (Ret)