New Hampshire

Sales Tax

There is generally no sales tax in New Hampshire, with the following exceptions:

  • Prepared meals, room rentals (less than 185 days): 8.5%
  • Motor vehicle rentals: 9%
  • Communications services: 7%
  • Electricity: $.00055 per megawatt-hour
  • Gasoline Tax: 42.23 cents/gallon (Includes all state, local, and federal taxes)
  • Diesel Fuel Tax: 48.23 cents/gallon (Includes all state, local, and federal taxes)
  • Cigarette Tax: $1.78/pack of 20


Personal Income Tax

  • Dividend and interest income exceeding the $2,400 single exemption (or $4,800 joint exemption) are taxed at 5%. Persons 65 and older, disabled and/or blind individuals may be eligible for another $1,200.


Property Tax

  • Total local and state taxes average 2.18% of the property's assessed value.
  • Calculation of assessed value: Fair market value; reappraised annually.
  • Relief programs for:
    • 65 and over: Minimum of $5,000 of assessed value exemption based on income and property value. Must be resident for three years.  
    • Veterans: May be eligible for up to $750 tax credit.
    • Surviving spouse of servicemember killed in action: May be eligible for a tax credit between $700 and $4,000.
    • Disabled Veterans/Unmarried Surviving Spouse: May be eligible for partial tax credit (minimum $701) to full exemption.
    • Disabled: Exemption based on income, optional by county.
    • Personal Property Tax: Yes. Rates and exemptions vary.


Inheritance & Estate Taxes: None


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