DFAS Email Scam Alert

Recently MOAA’s became aware of the fact that there are email scams targeting military service members, retirees, and their families going around claiming to be from the Defense and Finance Accounting Service (DFAS). The emails mimic some scams in


Boring Investing is Better

One of the most dangerous investment attitudes (along with “this time it’s different”) is the complaint that “my investment isn’t doing anything.” The observation says more about the speaker than it does the alleged short comings of the investment. Of


Are Vets Well Trained for the Real World?

If you’re looking for great daily source of relevant and interesting information for military members and families, check out MOAA Spouse’s Facebook page. If you haven’t, in Facebook parlance, “liked” it, then do so now (MOAA Spouse Facebook).

Transition and Career

Are You Ready for Transition?

The tables were decorated with gold and black helium balloon bouquets, matching streamers and shiny confetti. In a stroke of joint service luck, the Army colors perfectly matched the ornate draperies in the community club’s historic

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