Donate Now to Help Local Communities Across the Nation

Donate Now to Help Local Communities Across the Nation
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Helping homeless veterans find safe housing. Providing financial relief to active duty families by donating school supplies. Connecting job seekers with local companies who value the strength and skill of veterans and military spouses. Funding therapeutic retreats for those suffering with post-traumatic stress.


Since 2017, The MOAA Foundation has made grassroots efforts across the country like these – and many, many more – possible through the Community Outreach Grant Program. This initiative grants funds to MOAA Councils and Chapters to fuel projects that make a positive impact for the greater uniformed services community at the local level.


These local groups act as the foundation’s boots on the ground, but over the years, the requests we receive for funding far outweigh the funds we have available to disburse. This forces our team to offer smaller grants to the approved applications and deny worthwhile grant requests every year. And this year, we’ve seen a historic increase in applications.




Before our judges review applications and award funds to the best of the best, we are asking our national network of supporters to invest in the uniformed services community at the local level.


We know that MOAA Councils and Chapters have a deep commitment to their local community. The MOAA Foundation is committed to approving as many Community Outreach Grant applications as our funding allows. But we need your help.


While it is great to see so many MOAA members strive to help their fellow veterans, currently serving members, surviving spouses, military spouses, and military families, as it currently stands, The MOAA Foundation will not be able to distribute the financial resources necessary for these programs and services.


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All funds raised in response to this message will go directly to the MOAA Councils and Chapters that present the best, most thoughtful, and thorough applications. Our team of judges review each application to ensure grant funds go to worthwhile causes benefitting our nation’s heroes.


With your support, we know we can provide our local experts with the resources they need to make a positive impact in their hometowns.


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About the Author

Jackie Copek, CFRE
Jackie Copek, CFRE

Copek is MOAA's Senior Associate Director for Development. She has worked for a variety of nonprofits such as the Human Rights Campaign, American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Learning Undefeated, and St. Francis House Homeless Day Shelter.