Help Strengthen MOAA’s Message: Sign Up for Our Legislative Action Center

Help Strengthen MOAA’s Message: Sign Up for Our Legislative Action Center
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By MOAA Staff


More than 170 MOAA members took to Capitol Hill on April 26 in force to bring key parts of MOAA’s advocacy agenda directly to the attention of lawmakers and legislative staff.


Two days earlier, more than 12,000 messages on these topics reached the inboxes of those same legislators via MOAA’s Legislative Action Center, showing grassroots support for these critical issues … and highlighting the need for more MOAA members to join our digital ranks.


By signing up at the Legislative Action Center today, you’ll be able to lend your voice to MOAA’s advocacy work with ease. You can learn more about the center via our online tutorial, but here’s the short version:

  • Strength in Numbers: The Legislative Action Center provides a fast, easy-to-use method for members to reach out to their lawmakers on issues of importance to MOAA. The more members who interact with the platform, the louder our voice on Capitol Hill.

  • Latest Information: The Legislative Action Center homepage keeps track of all active MOAA advocacy campaigns. Did you miss a article about an issue of importance to you? Don’t worry – a quick scroll can get you caught up and allow you to interact with your legislators.

  • More Details for You … : Members can explore information about their representatives and Senators, learn where MOAA-supported bills sit in the legislative process, report meetings with lawmakers to MOAA’s Government Relations team, and get a breakdown of MOAA’s core advocacy mission.

  • … and for MOAA: The Legislative Action Center allows MOAA to keep track of which issues have the most interest among members, in addition to providing tools for our advocacy experts to use as they interact with lawmakers. It also lets members share stories of how proposed legislation would affect their lives – information collected through the center on Advocacy in Action topics was useful in crafting messages that resonated with lawmakers and members alike.


[TAKE ACTION: Fight TRICARE Pharmacy Network Cuts | Restore the Basic Allowance for Housing]


If you’ve already registered for the Legislative Action Center, thank you for taking an extra step in support of MOAA’s work on behalf of servicemembers of all ranks past and present, and their families. If you’re still on the fence, check out our answers to frequently asked questions about the center at this link.


While Advocacy in Action may be over, the legislative session is just ramping up. Critical decisions regarding the National Defense Authorization Act, expanded VA benefits and programs, and much more are going to be made in the coming months, and the more members MOAA can count on, the better chance we have to cut through the Beltway noise and continue making a difference.


The More Members We Have, the More Influence We Have Over Our Benefits

MOAA is committed to protecting the rights of servicemembers and their families. Lend your voice and support these efforts today. Because the larger our voice is, the greater our impact will be.

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