Take These Small Steps to Supercharge Your Savings

Take These Small Steps to Supercharge Your Savings
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Most of us agree it’s good to increase our savings rate as we go through life, but sometimes that feels difficult. Whether you’re saving for the next car, investing in the Thrift Savings plan, or building your emergency funds, little steps can have big results over time.


So how do you save a little more? The three main places to find more money include one-time amounts, increases in income, and decreases in expenses.


Whenever you receive any one-time income, consider putting a portion aside into a specific savings or investment account. Maybe it’s a gift, the sale of an item, or a short-term job. Giving that money a designated job makes sense, and it also feels good.


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Increases in income are a great way to make larger, regular contributions to savings and investing accounts. Every time you change jobs, get promoted, or get a raise, move a little bit more money into whatever account needs funding. Set up automatic contributions so it is painless, and watch your money grow.


The third easy way to increase savings is when you have a decrease in expenses. Maybe you’ve paid off a car loan or finished getting a child through college. Divert some or all of that extra money into your savings or investment accounts. Again, automatic transfers make it simple.


Small steps can add up to big savings over time, so take advantage of these little opportunities to supercharge your savings.


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