VA Begins New Community Care Program

VA Begins New Community Care Program
Courtesy of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Those of us who use the VA health care system know all too well how challenging it can be to schedule that care, but when it comes to getting care outside the VA in the local community, the process can be downright confusing and frustrating.

In an effort to streamline and improve access to health care, MOAA and other veteran organizations, Congress, VA, and the White House, rallied behind the VA MISSION Act to get the bill signed into law, making it easier for veterans to get care when and where they need it-whether within the walls of the VA health system or in their community.

VA is in the beginning stages of rolling out information to veterans on how they can access community care, as well as a newsletter providers and others can subscribe to in order to stay current on the new VA community care program as it is implemented.

VA has until June 2019 to fully implement the new program and consolidate all seven VA community care programs, including the current Choice Program, into one simple and easy to access program.

There still is much to do and a great deal of rulemaking ahead before a single community care program can be realized in the next 10 months. MOAA is confident VA can meet the deadline as long as the department and Congress continue to engage veterans and veteran organizations throughout the process.

In the meantime, check out the information and frequently asked questions at VA's Community Care website to learn more about what's happening with the program and how to access care.