Have Your Say: Tell MOAA Your TRICARE Story

Have Your Say: Tell MOAA Your TRICARE Story
Airman 1st Class Malcolm Mayfield / Air Force

As part of a campaign to ensure the TRICARE benefit remains strong, and that any fee increases result in corresponding improvements to care, MOAA has launched its latest in a series of surveys to gauge the program's effectiveness. Click here to participate, but if your TRICARE concerns go beyond simple data points, consider offering MOAA the rest of your story.

Have you had trouble finding a health care provider after a change in your plan? Are TRICARE fees or medication costs imposing undue financial hardships? Have rules that place a different cost structure on mental health care led to tough budgeting choices? Are there other ways that you feel your earned benefit has failed to live up to your expectations?

Such stories help put faces to the figures collected by MOAA surveys and other projects designed to measure all facets of the TRICARE program: Cost, availability, ease of use, and many other factors. If you believe your benefit has fallen short in one or more of these or other areas - and if recent program changes haven't helped - legislators and other policymakers need to hear from you.

Please email MOAA at infoex@moaa.org and include “TRICARE” in the subject line. You do not need to be a MOAA member to participate.